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thestateofdreams asked: hello! Where are you located? :)


Currently i am located in Germany - West

Before I lived in Ireland and before in Viennna

kind regards

My last trip in Ireland : Doolin and aaran Islands ..

We had a lovely weather - the feartrip was amusing ..

Gorgeous locations - beautiful area and we saw our dolphin :-)

Ireland - we will see us soon as possible !!

Garden of Dreams

Made in Ireland

White Bay in Whitegate Co. Cork.

A lovely secret beach down the cliffs!


Ring of Kerry.

I really enjoyed that trip but I recommend that you drive in to the mountains - it is more fantastic and you will get those Pictures !

So when you’re comming from Killarney you start in the North and the End will be the National Park.

After a few kilometres you see a sign plate for Carrauntoohill - drive in !!

I also recommend a boat trip in the national park - Cost 10 € each Person and your trip will be 1.5 - 2 hours.

Enjoy !!

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